So, what is new about our website? Copper Strawberry is now mobile friendly, so you can browse much more easily on your mobile device. It is more of a living, interactive website, I think you'll find.

You can ship your order to multiple addresses, which we know will be much appreciated by you! We can store your details and your addresses for you. But no worries; we don't store your credit card details. As always, we process your credit card through a secure banking system so that your details remain private, safe and secure.

We are a partner of Flamant, the fine European furnishings and decor company from Belgium. We import, stock and special order Flamant for our customers. We layer Flamant with our other fine brands -- Libeco Home, Simon Pearce, Pillivuyt, Waterl'eau, Lalique, Inge-Glas, Esteban Paris, Hypsoé and a few other brands and antiques

I founded Copper Strawberry in 2009, having visited a Flamant Home Interiors store in Salzburg a few years earlier. 

Flamant is a Belgian company operating in 25 countries worldwide. Its style and concept inspired me in that most European of cities. Well-known in Europe, and relatively unknown in North America, I decided to bring the Belgian home interiors concept of Flamant Home furnishings and decor to the United States and Canada. Flamant makes up 90 percent of our inventory at Copper Strawberry.

We believe in relationships between our customers and our store; between high quality products and artisan craftsmanship; and between European style and North American homes. 

Have a look around and tell us what you think. We love hearing from you!

Kind regards,


Julia Lux Thompson | Founder, Copper Strawberry

Photo: Flamant NV