Be sure to check out all our Inge-Glas ornaments. We've sorted them into categories for you, but it's also fun to scroll through All Inge-Glas at once. My favorites are the Specialty ornaments. And Silvers and Golds. Our By Color category will help you coordinate your tree. I'm always one to mix earth tones and golds on a tree, but the past few years I've fallen in love with a silver tree - silver ornaments, icicles, bells, balls, tree top finials, vintage silvered ornaments.

If you're a traditionalist, the Specialty ornaments, the Children and Angels ornaments and the Vintage ornaments are for you.

An earth tone tree of golds, children and angels mixes well with birds, pinecones, mushrooms and woodland creatures in our Nature and Woodland section. 

Imagine a small wine, cheese and fruit tree near your dining room/buffet area.  Or a lovely tabletop lemon tree or pear tree.  We get orders every year for peach ornaments from our Georgia customers!  

Wedding, anniversary or congrats? I have loved this champagne ornament since we opened in 2009. It's pretty on a tree, too  - and mixes in well with a formal or whimsicall tree. And 

Be sure to vist our New Inge-Glas ornaments. My favorite is the little silver hot air balloon ornament 'Nostalgic Frohliche Weihnachten'.

Decorating your tree: 

Reflection is key. Shiny ornaments catch the light, which is the purpose behind a vintage reflector ornament.

Don't forget the interior of your tree -- hang inexpensive, shiny balls from a local store that reflect light on the inner branches so that it reflects every bit of light and gives your tree depth. You will notice the difference, I guarantee it, and people will wonder why your tree has such dazzling depth!  Place your Inge-Glas ornaments where they can be seen and best reflect the light, toward the outside of the tree. But avoid all of them on tips of branches.  You don't want it to look like ornaments are put 'on' the tree. Likewise, I put heavy some heavier decorations on the interior of the tree to give some weight and stability to the tree.

When children decorate, rules don't apply -- they can hang anywhere and everywhere they wish -

DO NOT move them to satisfy your need for the perfect tree!  I have had many a tree that looked halfway normal from 4 feet up, and a combobulation of anything and everything at the bottom.

DO put your children's/grandchildren's homemade ornaments in with the finest, most elegant ornaments, and in the most visible, prized locations on the tree. It's a must.  It works, and looks both elegant and individual. 

Enjoy your holiday season, and please visit our year 'round Inge-Glas ornaments section!

We have over 100 different Inge-Glass ornaments. Heirloom Christmas ornaments of hand-blown glass, made in Germany since 1596, at Copper Strawberry.

Kind regards,


Julia Lux Thompson | Owner, Copper Strawberry