Waterl’eau bath and body cosmetics from Belgium. Luxury bath soaps, bath salts and body milks, all natural, made of vegetable matter. Waterl'eau comes in three ranges:
The Green Deep, with the rich aroma of green tea and fresh citrus  
  • Brings you the best of natural soap and organic green tea, based on the active properties of natural vegetable ingredients
  • Made in Belgium. Liquid hand soap made in France
  • The Green Deep photos shot exclusively for Copper Strawberry at Lough Ash, N. Ireland, UK
The Sea, with extracts of algae.
  • Brings the best of the sea to your bathroom, with the real, bracing aroma of the sea. The Sea is sea-coloured with extracts of algae, rich in oligo elements, known for their for healing, anti-aging properties. It cleans, pampers and nourishes the skin.
  • Body milk is organic.
  • Made in Belgium.
  • The Sea photos were shot exclusively for Copper Strawberry on the coastline of N. Ireland, UK
White River Falls, with extracts of witch hazel. 
  • Natural witch hazel extracts to soften the skin. White River Falls is tonifying like a waterfall that effervesces with energy. Refreshes the spirit and the skin.
  • Made in Belgium
  • White River Falls photos were shot exclusivley for Copper Strawberry in Glenariff Forest, N. Ireland, UK.
Most of our customers come to us after finding Waterl'eau in Europe and having difficulty finding it in the U.S.  We have a dedicated following of Waterl'eau customers in this family owned business from Antwerp
  • All products are made with natural ingredients, from vegetable matter. The Sea Body Milk is organic.
  • Non-irritant to sensitive skin
  • Not tested on animals
  • All products are biodegradable, as well as the crystal PET bottle

I think you'll like Waterl'eau too!  The Green Deep is the most popular worldwide and in the U.S., trending more with men than women. The Sea is second most popular, and the body milk is organic. I like all three. Right now, White River Falls is my favorite, just because it smells the most like a waterfall.

Happy sensual relaxation,


Julia Lux Thompson | Owner, Copper Strawberry