We carry six luxury brands of French and Belgian candles for you.  I love candles, and I have one burning often. Often. Daily. Burn your candles or why have them, I say.

Candlelight's glow is de-stressing, and the delicate scent of these candles is both calming and sensual. You think and feel just a little bit differently when a candle is burning, don't you think? It also imparts a sense of Time; both the passing of Time, and the suspension of Time. Think about that. Healthy for you to be attune to both.

Light a candle today.

Lalique French perfumed candles in six fragrances: Aspen, Vetiver, Leather, Yuzu, and Peony in black glass, Limited Edition The Snow in white glass, and Limited Edition The Volcano  in smoked glass and red wax. Created in collaboration for Lalique perfumer by Cire Trudon, expert candle-maker since 1643.

Flamant perfumed French candles in 9 fragrances: Pignon de pin, Bad Boy, Smoking, Fumet de Roses, Thé Noir, Lait de Figue, Manoir, Thé Bourbon and Fleurs Blanches. By Flamant of Belgium, imported by Copper Strawberry.

Luxury home fragrance by Estéban Paris perfumer from France. In six fragrances: Teck & Tonka, Cèdre, Sous Le Feuilles, Jathikai, Orchidée Blanche and Néroli.

Hypsoé candles from France, with fragrances inspired by the East, tea and flowers. In six scents: Jasmine, Ambre, Bad Boy, Lait de Fig, Lounge and Thé Noir; at Copper Strawberry.

Waterl'eau Waters of the World candles from Belgium come in scents from the most beautiful regions of the world: The Green Deep and The Sea.

Carriére Fréres vegetal scented candles made in France, founded in 1884 by the Carrière brothers, using botanicals. In Fig and Fleur d'oranger.

Keep the light burning,


Julia Lux Thompson | Owner, Copper Strawberry