Our peonies are in full bloom here at Copper Strawberry!. . .and the home fragrance of our Lalique peony candle is absolutely amazing. (viewed at bottom)

We have a hedge of 20 of these peony bushes, and believe it or not, they were planted in the 30 or 40's, or perhaps earlier.  I have tended them for 40 of those years. Think of it - 90 years old or more, and they keep blooming year after year in their elegant form.

Pink and white.

The peony was called "healing plant" by the Ancient Greeks. In addition to its medicinal properties, peony’s beauty and delicate scent have been well known since Antiquity. In our interpretation, peony comes with timeless rosy notes spiced up by pink berries and patchouli. An ethereal scent echoing the "rosy-fingered dawn” praised in Homer’s Odyssey.

 White Peony at Copper Strawberry - Genus Paeonia


Our luxury Lalique candle Peony (Fr: Pivoine) is inspired by Mt Olympus, harkening to the peony's roots in Greek mythology.

The genus Paeonia comes from a beautiful nymph who attracted the attention of Apollo.

Peony also aligns with Paeon, the Greek physician of the gods, and the believed healing properties of the peony. Peony root and seeds were believed to heal many diseases in ancient and medieval times. 

A well-flowered peony bush means good luck to some! I'll take that!

Lalique Pivoine - Peony scented candle

You will love the scent of this fine French candle by Lalique and the venerable wax maker Cire Trudon. Cire Trudon has been an expert candle-maker since 1643. Its particular wax allows scented candles to diffuse a strong and long-lasting scent. Cire Trudon has been the official wax provider of French kings and more recently of renowned home fragrance brands.

Composition: Soy & low percentage of high grade paraffin
Lead-free cotton wick
Made in France
We carry a range of twelve  - yes twelve - luxury Lalique candles.
Candles are not just for winter! Peony in springtime - any anytime!  You will LOVE this candle!
A beautiful peony day to you!
Kind regards,
Julia Lux Thompson | Owner, Copper Strawberry